Christian Brothers' Agricultural School, Tardun

Christian Brothers’ Agricultural School (CBAS) is located at Tardun, 140 kilometres east of Geraldton (a coastal, regional city with a population of approximately 25,000 people) and mid-way between the towns of Mullewa and Morawa.

The school has approximately 70 students in Years 8 - 10, all of whom are boarders. The school curriculum offers mainstream subjects - Maths, Science, English etc, but as a unique aspect it also has all the boys involved in farm practices such as ploughing, taking care of stock and machinery maintenance. By training alongside experienced adults on the farm, students gain high-level skills some of which qualify them for TAFE certificate levels.

Working at CBAS offers teachers a lifestyle that is enriched by a friendly and supportive community of people living both on the school property and in local surrounds. For the students this gives an added sense of family and friendliness of a ‘home’ lifestyle. Along with students, children of staff enjoy a true sense of their childhood with access to bushwalking, the 25 metre swimming pool, trampolines and horse riding, plus the freedom of just ‘being kids’.

As a teacher, working at CBAS is challenging and stimulating at any level of experience, and gives teachers a great opportunity to make an impact in a school and impart their own special talents and qualities to small classes.

Staff members are provided with low rental accommodation, with amenities supplied at no additional cost. The nearest town (Mullewa) gives access to a Catholic and State primary school, doctor, hospital, sporting and shopping facilities.

Christian Brothers’ Agricultural School, Tardun -
                      it’s a place for learning and a way of life…