St Cecilia's College,
Port Hedland

St Cecilia's College is a single stream Catholic primary school that provides a comprehensive education program for students in Port and South Hedland. The picturesque location of the school overlooks the Indian Ocean.

Major redevelopment of the school via a recent large-scale capital project has resulted in a state-of-the-art educational facility.

St Cecilia’s College is a multicultural Catholic school where the advantage of small classes with a team of dedicated staff provides an optimum learning environment catering for the individual needs of all students.

Port Hedland has a population of approximately 13 000 and is located on the Western Australian coast, 1637 kilometres north of Perth. The town is one of Australia’s largest ports and the major centre for WA’s iron ore industry.

Port Hedland offers many opportunities in the areas of fishing (recreational and sport), various sporting clubs, two shopping centres, two TAFE colleges and many other activity-based organisations. There is nothing like the taste of a mud-crab from the creeks or even a mangrove jack!

Notwithstanding the fact that Hedland is a transient town in nature, it has a very strong history of friendship and loyalty amongst the members of its community. Hedland is also well known by keen travellers around the world as the gateway to the Pilbara Region. In close reach of the town are relaxation spots such as Marble Bar, Karratha, Millstream-Chichester National Park, Karajini National Park, De Grey River, Pardoo Station, Cape Keraundren, Eighty Mile Beach, Port Smith Lagoon, and Barn Hill Station Stay (to name just a few)! The Stairway to the Moon is a spectacular sight created when a full moon rises over the shoreline at low tide. As the moon rises over the horizon, rays hit pools of water that have been left behind by the receding tide, thus creating an illusion which lasts about fifteen minutes. This phenomenon runs from March through to October each year.

The school has an excellent relationship with the parish and parish priests are actively involved in the spiritual and pastoral dimensions of the College. The College community is very proud of its many successes and initiatives. A proactive pastoral care policy includes specific reference to student harassment and bullying. St Cecilia's is strongly positioned in the community as a caring school with evident Catholic values that touch every aspect of daily life.

The school is fortunate to have a very enthusiastic and cooperative staff that readily supports each other. The community embraces new teachers to Hedland and North-West teaching experiences have been the foundation of many great educationalists within Catholic education across Australia. There is also an exceptional incentive package provided to staff teaching in the North-West.